Will Dulin

Will Dulin -- Philly

“Save consistently into your 401(k) or any retirement plan. Dollar-cost averaging is the best way to see your investments go up over an extended period of time.”


Will was a witness to a solid work ethic throughout his formative years. His father was a government worker his whole life, while his mother worked part time for most of her life while raising the family. They always had to work for what they wanted. In college at the University of Hartford, Will went through several math and science classes and internships before realizing his career wasn’t about a desk but that it needed to be more social and client-facing. This chance to help others emerged as an opportunity to become a financial advisor.

In addition to working with clients at McAdam, Will also leads a team of advisors and helps them problem-solve when questions arise.

Away from the office, Will loves lacrosse — he plays the sport in a spring men’s league and also coaches a high school travel team. He likes to ski in the Poconos in the winter and will also occasionally make a trip out west to try new places and new foods. He uses his free time to be with his family and babysit his niece and nephew.

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