Josh Godick

Josh Godick Headshot

“No investments are good or bad — they all have pros and cons and need to be used together in the right way to achieve the goals you want for yourself.”


Josh wants to help people make good decisions, and to do this he accounts for different schools of thought and different angles of approach to make a strategically-guided decision. He also relies on past experience as a study group leader and teaching assistant to help convey his knowledge over to the client. Learning is important to Josh – he readily admits that he did not grow up wealthy and financially sound, so much of everything he learns will show up in what he does toward his own future, and he’s ready to share these things with others.

From the beginning, Josh will meet with clients to establish personalized financial plans. He looks to address concerns and potential pitfalls along the way. Josh is also focused on risk management and relevant tax concepts for saving and investing.

Josh is newly married to his lovely wife Becca and they have an adorable Goldendoodle puppy named Atmo, who is both terror and lovely guy of the family. In his spare time away from work Josh likes acting, singing, board games, trivia, history and Philly sports teams. He and his father also have a collection of presidential campaign posters, with some dating back to the early 19th Century.

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