Joe MacDonald, CRPC®

Joe -- Boston

As a financial advisor, Joe focuses on clear communication with his clients and sharing effective ways to reach their retirement goals. He meets with clients for financial planning, asset management and insurance consulting, among other services.

Growing up in Pepperell, Massachusetts, Joe received the gift of hard work from his father twofold. First, in that his father worked seven days a week to make enough money to send Joe to one of the best high schools in the Northeast and then on to Middlebury College. Second, Joe took his father’s work ethic to heart, not just in his DNA but in continuing his dad’s example of perseverance and community values. Since then, he has worked to give back by helping his fellow citizens and neighbors achieve their financial goals.

Joe is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and has lived in South Boston for the past three years. When not in the office, he enjoys reading, traveling and exercising. He also coaches youth baseball in his community.

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