Austin Whittington

Austin -- Chicago

In his advisor role, Austin helps households to better achieve their financial goals by introducing them to new investment and tax strategies. He helps manage a client’s situation to make sure they stay on track over time so they can ultimately retire. Austin’s passion for his work dates back to his internships in finance, where he found that stock market-related work seemed to lack a people element. That’s when he turned toward financial planning. “It was important to me that I could see the direct impact of my work on people around me,” Austin says.

Austin is originally from southern Indiana and loves college and pro basketball. He also watches the NFL and takes part in fantasy football. Physical fitness is a big part of his life, too, whether it’s an intense CrossFit workout or a walk through the city. He enjoys going to church on Sundays with family and friends and is engaged to be married in late 2023.

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