Alec Hartman

Alec -- Boston

Alec works with clients to build comprehensive financial plans and efficient long-term investment portfolios. He operates from a perspective that every client requires a unique approach and customized solutions.

As part of the McAdam team, Alec develops comprehensive financial plans, performs detailed analysis of client financial strategies, and helps educate clients on financial and investment concepts, including risk and return, modern portfolio theory, asset allocation, tax planning and estate planning, among others. His goal is to take the emotion out of investing and to help busy professionals understand how all facets of their life can be channeled towards achievement of their goals.

Alec was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has called Boston home for several years. He has yet to convert sports teams, still following pro sports from North Carolina and all things UNC (his alma mater). When not at work, Alec likes to be outdoors and enjoys fishing and hiking. He’s also an avid guitarist and has a Pembroke Welsh corgi named Jack.

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