Davis Wilson

Davis -- Boston

“Start planning for your financial goals as early as possible. Being proactive is the key to success in many areas, not just finances. Even if you feel like you are behind, do not shy away from seeking out help. Talking to a professional could always open up doors that you would not have known were an opportunity otherwise.”


As part of the McAdam team in Boston, Davis works with his colleagues to go beyond the traditional focus of your personal and financial life. He focuses on pre- and post-retirement needs, education funding, and customized tax reduction and investment strategies. He also offers employer benefits analysis, insurance needs analysis and repositioning of old accounts.

During his senior year at Bentley University, he took a class on financial planning and says that’s when he knew he could combine his knowledge of finance with his desire to improve people’s lives. “Ever since college, I have been with McAdam, and I’ve been able to consistently help people achieve their goals,” Davis says. “There is no better feeling than that.”

Davis has lived in Boston for the past nine years. He was raised in Lubbock, Texas, where he grew up with his younger brother Keller, who lives with autism. He says Keller has had a major impact on his life and has driven him toward a career that will enable him to take care of his brother later in life.

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